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Frequently Asked Questions - General

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Member Profile

  1. How do I edit my Profile?
  2. Why do you need my personal information?
  3. Why do you need my children's names and birthdates?


  1. What is a forum?
  2. How do I add a prayer request?
  3. How do I subscribe to the forums?

How do I edit my Profile?

After you are logged in to your account, click on the login button in the upper right corner (looks like a blue person). Select View profile. This will open your profile page where you can see your information and any outstanding invoices. Use the Edit profile button to see the membership form and make changes to your profile. Don't forget to click the SAVE button at the very bottom when finished.
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Why do you need my personal information?

Your personal information is safely stored in our membership database. Some of the information is visible only to the SAS board and other information is visible to our members, but the information is for members only - you must be in good standing (dues paid) and logged in to the website in order to view any of the information. We use this information to contact you (Christmas invitations, Mother's Day cards, birthday wishes) as needed.

Want to be sure what is visible to the outside world and what you have to be a member to see? Poke around the website without logging in - that is what the rest of the world sees. Then log in and do some poking - that is what only our members can see.
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Why do you need my children's names and birthdates?

Your children's information is used by our members to know more about you. This information is helpful to find members with children of similar ages, or to send emails to members with children of specific ages.
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What is a forum?

A forum is a discussion area on a website. On our SAS website, our members can post discussions for other members to read and respond to. We have 3 forums available: 1) General - for whatever  you need to say to other members, 2) Prayer Requests - for when you need our prayer warriors, and 3) Gabriel Project - for specific requests for moms in need. Rather than filling everyone's email boxes with broadcasts, we can add questions and answers to our forums, for everyone to read at their own pace.
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How do I add a prayer request?

Prayer requests are done through a user forum. You make a request by posting a new topic on the forum. You can leave comments on the forum as well. If you subscribe to the forum you will receive an email when there is activity on that forum.

  2. Click the CREATE TOPIC button.
  3. Enter the Subject of your prayer request.
  4. Enter the Body (the details or message) of your prayer request.
  5. Turn on the checkbox for Subscribe to topic and choose the desired option from the dropdown for how often to receive the updates.
  6. Click the CREATE button.
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How do I subscribe to the forums?

Subscribe to a forum to receive an email when there is activity on that forum. You can choose to receive an email whenever something is posted, or get one email a day with all the post.

  1. Click on FORUMS > GENERAL (or the forum of choice).
  2. Click the Subscribe to forum link.
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